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English Name: Louis Koo
Cantonese name: Koo Tin Lok
Mandarin Name: Gu Tian-Le
Vietnamese Name: Cô? Thiên La.c
Nickname: Koo Jai
Date of Birth: October 21, 1970 (31)
Place of Birth: Guangdong (Canton, China)
Height: 5'11" (181 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs. (70 kg)
Nationality: Chinese
Family members: Father, mother and a younger brother
Current residence: Mongkok, Kowloon (HK)
Education level: Carmel Secondary School (Xia Mi Zhong Xue in Chinese)
Astrological Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Status: Single
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Professional Model
Blood type: AB
Religion: Agnostic (none)

Colors: Blue, black, white
Clothes: Casual and comfortable
Hobby: Listening to music
Group: Depeche Mode
Actor: Dustin Hoffman
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Winter
Country: France
Dessert: Mango Napoleon
Fruit: Orange
School subject: Geography
First acting experience: Karaoke videos
First real acting experience: Knot to Treasure (1993)
Favorite people: Parents
Favorite historic person: Sun Jung-Shan, the "Father of China"
Favorite school subject: Geography
Favorite singers: Michael Jackson
Favorite movie: Speed
Favorite pet: Dogs
Favorite cartoon: Dragon Ball Z
Favorite cartoon character: Batman
Favorite food: Sticky rice with mangoes
Favorite Sports: Swimming, tennis
Hobbies: Listen to music, play video games, reading, movies, watching TV, singing
Childhood dream: Becoming a police officer, work with Michael Jackson & overcome all difficulties
Most disliked school subject: Mathematics
Ex-Jobs: Model, Commercial and Karaoke Actor
Favorite series: Man's Best Friend
  • Blade of Honor (Nguyê.t Tṛn Thâ`n Đao)
  • Hitman Chronicles (Đa.i Thích Khách)
  • Class of Distinction (Giáo Su* U*u Ái)
  • Legend of the Condor Heroes (Thâ`n Điêu Hiê.p Lu*~)
  • Man's Best Friend (T́nh Đôi Chu?)
  • A Recipe For The Heart (My~ Vi. Thiên Vu*o*ng)
  • I Can't Accept Corruption (Lê.nh Truy Nă)
  • At The Threshold of An Era
    (Tho*`i Đa.i Khu?ng Hoa?ng)
  • Detective Investigation Files IV (Vu. Án H́nh Su*.)
  • A Step Into the Past (new)